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Below you will find the photos and videos for each routine. Downloads will be available through December 1st. Please save your desired media to your device prior to that date.

Scores and critiques are found below and viewable by logged in studio accounts. Studio owners may choose to allow access to dancer/parent accounts.
Best Broadway Studio Jeannie Zimbalatti's School of Dance
Best Hollywood Studio Ultimate Dance Complex
Little Bigwigs Best Group Winner
Jailhouse Rock Ultimate Dance Complex
Scholarship Winners Juniors
VIP ScholarshipTessa Yost Ultimate Dance Complex
VIP ScholarshipAvery Chropka Ultimate Dance Complex
VIP ScholarshipNorah AnnessJ & J's Dance Depot
VIP ScholarshipEmma FergusonUltimate Dance Complex
VIP ScholarshipPaige BorgHaja Dance Company
VIP ScholarshipMia FedzenUltimate Dance Complex
The Intensive Half Schol.Mars Maiden Imprint Dance Company
The Intensive Half Schol. Whitney BeckUltimate Dance Complex
The Intensive Full Schol.Maya RogersHaja Dance Company
VIP ScholarshipJulianna RecordJ & J's Dance Depot
VIP ScholarshipAbby Johns J & J's Dance Depot
VIP ScholarshipKayla Greis Jeannie Zimbalatti's School of Dance
VIP ScholarshipPhoebe Houtkooper West Michigan Dance Center
VIP ScholarshipOlivia Massari Ultimate Dance Complex
VIP ScholarshipKailyn BlakemanViva Dance Co.
VIP Scholarship Kiara Palavis Casey Sisters Dance Academy
The Intensive Half Schol.Gavin McGuireElite Dance by Damian
The Intensive Half Schol. Kristina AndesRobert Lee School of Dance
The Intensive Half ScholAva PetersUltimate Dance Complex
The Intensive Full Schol.Faith Egbert InMotion Dance Studio
Sweetbird Intensive Schol.Thea MahramasUltimate Dance Complex
Best Cast & Crew J & J's Dance Depot Best Choreographer Solo Choreography
1st PlaceA Fear of the Unknown West Michigan Dance Center
Duo/Trio Choreography
1st PlaceSomebodyUltimate Dance Complex
Broadway Group Choreography
1st PlaceJ.T.Jeannie Zimbalatti's School of Dance
2nd PlaceGood VibesCasey Sisters Dance Academy
3rd PlaceWhat Have I DoneGallo Dance Company
Hollywood Group Choreography
1st PlaceEnd of LoveUltimate Dance Complex
2nd PlaceReminders DefeatsHaja Dance Company
3rd PlaceWelcome to the JungleJ & J's Dance Depot
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