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Below you will find the photos and videos for each routine. Downloads will be available through December 1st. Please save your desired media to your device prior to that date.

Scores and critiques are found below and viewable by logged in studio accounts. Studio owners may choose to allow access to dancer/parent accounts.
Best Broadway Studio Republic Edge Dance
Best Hollywood Studio Republic Edge Dance
Little Bigwigs Best Group Winner
Diamonds Republic Edge Dance
Scholarship Winners Juniors
VIP ScholarshipRegina PedrazaRuby Dance Center
VIP ScholarshipReese RookieRevolutions Dance Co
VIP ScholarshipDaniel RenovDance Stream Studio
VIP ScholarshipNavaho TimmonsBarbara's Center For Dance
VIP ScholarshipAnniston WileyArtistry Dance Alliance
VIP ScholarshipElizabeth PivavaoFouette Academy of Dance
The Intensive Half Schol.Adelaide GlenRepublic Edge Dance
The Intensive Full Schol.Marielle ShvaitserDance Stream Studio
VIP ScholarshipAlessandra LozziRevolutions Dance Co
VIP ScholarshipBeau FinlayRepublic Edge Dance
VIP ScholarshipCaroline QuniaArtistry Dance Alliance
VIP ScholarshipBen WheelessRepublic Edge Dance
VIP ScholarshipLandry RussellRevolutions Dance Co
VIP ScholarshipMicah HunterBarbara's Center for Dance
The Intensive Half Schol.Lucy BrinkmannDane !nk by Davis
The Intensive Full Schol.Kylie SchwabRepublic Edge Dance
Sweetbird Intensive Schol.Nia TownsendRuby Dance Center
Best Cast & Crew Dance !nk by Davis Best Choreographer Solo Choreography
1st PlaceMinim Dance Stream Studio
Duo/Trio Choreography
1st PlaceImaginary FriendRevolution Dance Company
Broadway Group Choreography
1st PlaceThe LabArtistry Dance Alliance
2nd PlaceHang OnFouette Academy of Dance
3rd PlaceAmigas CheetasRepublic Edge Dance
Hollywood Group Choreography
1st PlaceTurned My World Upside DownRepublic Edge Dance
2nd PlaceVenus Di MiloRuby Dance Center
3rd PlaceMemories The Rain BringsFouette Academy of Dance
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