Walled Lake Northern High School
6000 Bogie Lake RoadCommerce Charter Twp, MI 48382
April 14-16
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Friday, April 14
3:00 PM - Doors Open 3:40 PM - JUNIORS - Hotshot Solos 4:00 PM - JUNIORS - Megastar Solos 6:10 PM - JUNIORS - Rockstar Solos 8:30 PM - JUNIORS - Duo/Trios 9:45 PM - AWARDS
Saturday, April 15
6:20 AM - Doors Open 7:00 AM - LITTLE BIGWIGS - Solos, Duo/Trios 7:50 AM - MINIS - Rockstar Solos 8:15 AM - LITTLE BIGWIGS - Groups, MINIS - Groups 11:05 AM - PRODUCTIONS 11:45 AM - AWARDS 12:30 PM - JUNIORS - Groups 4:00 PM - AWARDS 4:45 PM - TEENS - Hotshot Solos 5:00 PM - TEENS - Megastar Solos 7:25 PM - TEENS - Rockstar Solos 8:40 PM - TEENS - Duo/Trios 9:45 PM - AWARDS
Sunday, April 16
6:20 AM - Doors Open 7:00 AM - MINIS - Hotshot Solos 7:25 AM - MINIS - Megastar Solos 8:20 AM - MINIS - Duo/Trios 9:20 AM - TEENS - Small Groups 11:45 AM - AWARDS 12:30 PM - TEENS - Large Groups, SENIORS - Small Groups, Large Groups 2:40 PM - TEEN / SENIOR - Super Groups 4:10 PM - SENIORS - Duo/Trios 4:35 PM - AWARDS 5:20 PM - SENIORS - Hotshot Solos, Megastar Solos 7:10 PM - SENIORS - Rockstar Solos 9:05 PM - AWARDS
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*Slight changes to entry numbers or performance times may occur up until the Tuesday before the event.

  • Media Policy: Audience members are welcome to video and shoot non-flash photography while your dancers are performing. High quality videos and professional photos of each routine are provided to all entrants. Media will be uploaded and accessible via this city page within 1 week following the event.
  • Parent and Dancer Accounts:  Create an account to send Routine Compliments and access media downloads following the event. 
  • Compliments: Send shoutouts to routines (after they perform) in the form of emoji comments via the interactive digital program... like bite-sized special awards waiting to be gifted by you! This feature promotes "Community Over Competition" as we encourage sending compliments to routines from other studios in addition to your own. All dancers in the routine will receive an account notification of the new compliment... and you will make their day!
  • Programs: Printed programs are not offered at the event. Enjoy free access to our digital program, live stream, and routine schedule with interactive features and live updates. If you choose to bring a printout, please wait to print a few days before the event for the most accurate schedule info. 
  • Entry Edits: If you make an edit to an entry that requires it to have a new entry number and performance time, please ALLOW UP TO 48 HOURS to see that new entry number / time reflected in your schedule. The system will alert of our staff of the change so you do not need to email us that info.
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Meet the Judges
Mia DeWeese
Christian Denice
Ashley Day